Rules and Responsibilities

Every company, big or small, must abide by basic rules and responsibilities. Not only the employer themselves, but workers, subcontractors, visitors, and every other part of a company.

The basic rules and responsibilities are as follows:

Government’s Responsibilities

  • to enforce occupational health and safety legislation
  • to conduct workplace inspections
  • to make information available
  • to promote training, education and research

Employer’s Responsibilities

  • to establish and maintain a Health and Safety Committee (HSC), or select at least one health and safety (H&S) representative
  • to take every reasonable precaution to ensure safe workplaces
  • to train employees about any potential hazards
  • to supply personal protective equipment and ensure workers know how to use the equipment safely and properly
  • to immediately report all critical injuries
  • to the government department responsible for occupational health and safety or compensation
  • to train all employees on how to safely use, handle, store and dispose of hazardous substances and handle emergencies

Worker’s Responsibilities

  • to work in compliance with the OH&S Act and regulations
  • to use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed by the employer
  • to report workplace hazards and dangers

Worker’s Rights

Each and every worker in Canada has three rights…

The Right to Know

The Right to Participate

The Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

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