Internal NSC Reviews and Recommendations

For a lot of companies in Alberta, transportation is a main part of the business dealings that occur on a daily basis.  This means that these companies rely on having their Carrier Profile in good standing.  Although it may sound simple to most companies, there is one thing that is not able to be controlled easily within these companies.....people.

The drivers themselves are where most of the problems lay within companies.  Drivers not being properly trained in log book completion, operations causing the drivers to be over the hourly limits, or employers just not having the time to be able to accurately review the log books from the employees.

Morton Safety Services has many years in the commercial trucking industry, experience with 160 km radius, provincial regulations and federal regulations.  With a careful review of your companies logbooks and a detailed corrective action plan that is tailored to fit with your employees, compliance will be closer than you realize.

Contact us today to book your Internal NSC Review and Recommendations today, and bring your Carrier Profile in compliance sooner.

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