Customized Template Formation & Implementation

The best way to keep a company's communication going is through templates: Hazard Identification Sheets, Incidents Report Forms, Management of Change Forms, etc.  If the templates for these documents are too complex or too long the employees will not fill them out.  To keep the channels of communication open, Morton Safety Services offers customized template formation for all companies.  With your logo and templates customized to your needs, these documents will keep the communication flowing through your company.

Smaller companies find it hard to implement these documents into their system and have their employees understand what the documents are used for.  Morton Safety Services offers implementation packages for you and your employees.  From a how-to guide that follows a point to point checklist to help you implement the program on your own, to a having us come into your company and introducing the documents to your employees and answering any questions that the employees have.

Contact us today to discuss having your customized templates developed and ask for us to help you implement them into your organization.

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