Safety Program Development

Safety program development is the development of your policies, procedures and any company specific material put into a manual for reference by your employees.  Health and safety programs benefit everyone in many ways.  Putting this information together in your HSE Manual will satisfy your Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements to your employees by providing them with their "Right To Know".  Benefits which may be experienced by your company could include:

  • How Things Are Done:  Fewer Injuries, Increased Productivity and Quality, Reduced Product Waste, and Reduced Equipment Repair and Replacement.
  • How Employees Work Together:  Improved Behavior, Improved Communication, Reduced Turnover, Enhanced Worker Competency, and Hiring and Training Cost Reduction.
  • How Finances Are Managed:  Reduced Costs, Increased Future Sustainability, Overtime Wages, Salaries of Convalescing and Replacement Workers.
  • Better Governmental Regulations:  Improved Regulatory Compliance, and Reduced Federal and/or Provincial Fines
  • Confidence of Clients and Neighboring Communities:  Increased Business and Orders, and Enhanced Public Image and Trust
  • Qualifying for Incentives:  Certificate of Recognition, Lower Workers' Compensation Premiums, and Lower Insurance Premiums

By developing a HSE Manual that is tailored to your company and its scope of work, you can honestly reap the rewards of safer employees, better quality of work, better morale and lowered costs of down time, premiums, and lost wages.

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Safety Program Development

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